Chicksand Preschool

Chicksand Preschool


At Chicksand Preschool, we promote equality and diversity. We understand the needs of our local community and we strive to help those that are vulnerable, with a focus on hard to reach groups. This way we can ensure that the children from these groups have high expectations and aspirations from them lives. We will work with you and your child to achieve the best start in life. We will provide high quality care for your child, in a safe, stimulating and exciting environment. One that will help your child become a resilient, confident and independent learner. We promote and understand the importance of learning through play. With experienced and professional staff at hand you can expect your child to have a rich and educational play experience indoors and outdoors.


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Address: Chicksand Preschool,

Chicksand Friendly Club, Hanbury Street, E1 5JY

Tel: 020 7375 0488

Preschool Manager: Fardus Omer