Somali Parent Liaison Officer

WIT worked with Morpeth Secondary School in Tower Hamlets to trial an intervention that would address bullying and racism reported by Somali children in the school. The Somali Parent Liaison Officer acted as a go-between for Somali parents, students and their teachers. They also help Somali parents engage with their children’s experience at school.

Read the report from Dr. Fiona Samuels of Queen Mary University London documenting the participants’ experiences with the initiative and makes suggestions for how to make it a sustainable offering at the school.

Somali Parent Liaison Officer report

Rise and Shine for children and young people

Children and young people are at the heart of our Rise and Shine programme; an initiative born out of our partnership with Barnado’s, and funded by the Department for Education.

We deliver a range of exciting and educational activities both online and in-person, focused on the overall wellbeing of children, young people and their families.

Rise and Shine achieves this through the following activities and support:

Educational attainment and inclusion. By providing after school online tutor sessions for maths, English and science at both primary and secondary level; support and advocacy for parents and their children through half-term and holiday online curriculum-based learning activities; and inspirational speaker sessions for children, young people and their families.

Developing skills for work. By providing volunteer opportunities and paid placements, including the government’s Kickstart Scheme. Also providing a tailored six-week mentoring programme to build confidence, self-esteem, aspirations and identify and tackle barriers to learning. We also provide online access for employability e-courses and mentoring.

Keeping safe and well through holiday activities focused on physical activity, creativity and having fun. Online safety sessions, for children, young people and their families. Online sessions on managing stress, relationships, and mental wellbeing led byqualified practitioners.

During Covid our activities are subject to change. A full timetable on the current programme and availability of sessions and activities are available by contacting us at:


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