In these unprecedented time we have worked fast and effectively to create resources to help some of the most vulnerable in Tower Hamlets.

The three main resources we have set up are:

  1. Food Bank – supplying emergency dry goods to residents
  2. Community Kitchen – supplying one hot evening meal a day to residents
  3. Hot Meals service – supplying one hot lunch time meal a day to residents

 Since 8 March 2020:

  • Delivered over 208 food parcels via the Food Bank
  • Delivered 3,020 hot meals to over 172 residents
  • 220 befriending calls per day to residents
  • Helped over 520 of some of the most vulnerable residents in Tower Hamlets
  • 120 volunteers have given up their time for free to help

 Befriending Service:

We are providing a holistic approach to the support we are giving residents.

We are not just leaving food at their door we are following up with calls to each and every person with our team of 31 telephone befrienders to check on their general wellbeing, if they have any feedback on the food they have received and if they need any additional help.

We make over 220 calls per day to ensure we are connecting with those we are helping and their needs are being met

Do you Want to Make the Difference?

All this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our volunteers, and we are always in need of more, if you would like to help please contact

Safia Jama , CEO of WIT:


Sabiha Khanam, Volunteer Coordinator of Poplar HARCA :

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