Supporting Black and ethnic minority women in reaching their full potential

Women’s Inclusive Team has supported more than 1,000 women to achieve better mental health and wellbeing by focusing on improving their confidence as well as increasing their independence, skills and access to services. Our Developing Potential programme supports women to find routes into further education, training, work placements and employment. Our advice and guidance services have supported hundreds of people in Tower Hamlets with queries related to welfare benefits, pensions and sick pay, housing and debt. 

Developing Potential

Developing Potential is an integrated partnership project offering a combination of personal as well as professional development and upskilling.  It is designed to  guide women in a way that will enable them to make informed choices for their futures, by facilitating a platform for further education, training and/or work experience.

Developing potential is suitable for women, predominantly from Black or ethnic minority backgrounds, living in Tower Hamlets or the neighbouring boroughs (Newham, Hackney) who are over the age of 18, working part-time or unemployed and are wishing to gain confidence, learn career building skills and are interested in training, mentoring and employment opportunities.

“I have learnt about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them which is really helpful to find out my limiting beliefs and their sources. In the future it will help me to overcome them. Now I am trying to be more organised and focus on what my goals are,” Quratulain Majeed, Developing Potential participant 

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