CEO Safia recently caught up with Goodera host, Busra Algec, as a guest on the Impact Podcast. In the run-up to Women’s History Month, Safia shared her insights on the unique challenges women face today and the role partner Goodera, an industry leader in connecting nonprofits with corporate volunteers, plays in telling the stories of and supporting third-sector organisations like WIT.

Recognising that “services sometimes don’t reflect the needs of all,” Safia explained how the WIT team focuses on women’s holistic health meeting the women in Tower Hamlets where they are. This translates to numerous impact initiatives such as providing childcare for local mothers, supporting victims of domestic abuse, enabling career readiness among young women, and the Chicksand Preschool.

During the podcast, Safia also delved into strategies corporates and nonprofits can implement to fine-tune their impact to address the unique challenges women face in different parts of the world. Representation, allyship, and leveraging third-sector organisations as key consultants to build trust in the community, emerged as key talking points in amplifying social impact during this discussion.

Speaking on the role of corporate volunteerism, Safia emphasised how partnerships with organisations like Goodera can amplify WIT’s reach and impact. Detailing how the pandemic galvanised the world into coming together, she elaborated on the difference volunteerism and allyship can make in bridging the gap in skills and resources to power good. A real-life example of this impact is Goodera volunteers helping renovate the Chicksand Preschool, creating a brighter, more stimulating learning environment for young children.

Watch the complete Women’s History Month Impact Podcast episode to delve into her expert insights on addressing women’s holistic health and the opportunities for impact with WIT. Let’s embrace the opportunity to #empowerwomen together. Join the conversation to make a difference!